Tuesday, June 15, 2010


ryan has always says that lily "throws just like her mom."

and sadly, that is not a compliment.

you see, lily and i can both be wildly unpredictable when throwing a ball is involved. she (and i) often let go too early, too late, or just miss the target by a long shot.

well, this morning, we headed outside to do some gardening.

as i was weeding our front bed, lily started playing with the rocks in our driveway. she started off by just dropping them and listening to the sound they made. then, she got a little more rambunctious and started tossing them.

as i was bent over pulling weeds, i was socked right in the forehead by a rock. and it came at me fast and furious!

i was so startled and i let out a loud yelp. lily didn't even realize that the rock she was throwing had headed in my direction.

but once she realized what had happened, all she thought to say was:
"mama, i think i was david and you were goliath."

awesome. how do you respond to that? :)

i think ryan is right...lily does throw just like me.

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