Thursday, June 3, 2010


when i was a kid, i remember MANY a summer evening or night spent in our basement while we would wait out a big storm.

i remember my mom's gentle demeanor as she would usher the five of us to the basement to play in the dark with flashlights and candles as we hid under the pool table.

and i remember thinking how brave my dad was when he would climb the stairs and look out the back door at the eerie, quiet, greenish sky to see the status of the storm and what damage had occurred.

and mostly, i remember the feelings that surrounded these times in our basement... i was always flooded with a healthy dose of fear and also a lot of excitement. it was exciting to feel a little bit of danger and to all be huddled together, breaking up the routine and talking in hushed voices as we waited for the next big clap of thunder.

i was always very relieved when the storm or tornado had passed, but also a bit sad that our sacred time all together in the basement was ending.

well, today, for the first time, i laid the groundwork for that sort of memory for lily and finn.

about halfway through their nap, a huge summer thunderstorm was pounding down on us. i sat at our kitchen table as the darkness overcame the room and watched our huge tree swaying more than i've ever seen before. and i thought, "what would my mom have done?" she definitely would have had the five of us packed up in a flash. so, even though it meant cutting naptime in half, i swept finn and lily out of their cozy beds and we headed downstairs.

i could see in lily's eyes the same excitement and fear i felt so often on summer nights. i could tell she was looking to me for reassurance, but was also loving this adventure.

and my heart was warmed when she repeated over and over, "it's okay, chiefy. it's just a little lightening."
"it's ok, finn. we are safe down here."
"don't worry, chief. we will tell daddy all about this storm."
i loved that she was protecting and comforting her little brother... and also herself.
what a sweet big sister.

(note: pictures not from today...just for viewing pleasure!) :)

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