Tuesday, June 26, 2012

::be it ever so humble::

we are getting settled in texas!  

our drive from VA was amazingly smooth and the kids were champs.  
we arrived to our new home to find we were locked out...we had received the wrong keys.  so, we camped out in the front yard for a bit while the new keys were delivered.  we started getting settled in to find that no matter what we tried, our air conditioner would not produce cold air.  and from there, we discovered we had no hot water, no working shower, a toilet that wouldn't flush, a shower and sink that wouldn't drain, and a refrigerator that was malfunctioning.

thankfully, things are falling into place and everyone's attitudes have been great throughout.

we have had a few days of hard work and an AMAZING effort from my mom (whom we could NEVER thank enough!) and we are feeling pretty moved in.

i think this house is going to feel like a home for this year in texas...

and we had our first visitor!!  so glad duke was able to break away from work for a quick trip.  we love you, duke!!


Josie Decker, RN said...

Love it Court! Home sweet home.

the hammocks said...

What a cute home! I love how you have decorated and the backyard looks fun! Did I see a swing set!? Can I borrow your mom for a couple days?! :) And you forgot to mention how hot it was when your A/C was out. :)

Katie and Adam said...

you guys have the best attitudes! Love you guys and are so happy you're getting settled in TX! The house looks adorable!!!

Erin said...

What a beautiful home! I hope you all are enjoying Texas!

Erin said...
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