Thursday, June 7, 2012

::an ode to 1007 holmes::

sweet first home of ours,

we are so thankful for you.  you have brought us so many blessings, so much joy, and so much growth.

as we pack our boxes and get ready to move, i am remembering so many details of the past years we have spent here.

we celebrated our first anniversary here.

we learned how to care for a home and yard here.

we painted the entire exterior of a house (in 2 days!) here.

we made home improvements over and over and learned from our mistakes.

we went from husband and wife to father and mother in this sweet house.  and those first days and nights are such precious memories to me.

we have opened our doors to countless guests and it has been such a privilege to be able to host so many friends and family here.

ryan went from student to physician while living here and they joy and tribulations of residency began.

our family went from 3 to 4 here as we welcomed our first son and lily gained her first sibling.

our sweet children have played for hours in this small yard and we have delighted in it.

i spent countless hours praying and crying on the bathroom floor here as we clung to crosby's life.

and we welcomed our tiniest addition last year in a whirlwind of emergency and miracles.

we brought home sweet crosby 10 weeks after he was born and it felt so good to be home as a family.

and ryan will complete his residency as we reside here.

we have had days filled with laughter and joy and worry and sorrow and happiness and peace and LOVE in this house.  this is our first home and it will always feel like home.

we love you, 1007 holmes.  and we will miss you dearly!


the smiths

- as we pack our boxes and get ready to head west, blogging might be sporadic.  check back in with us in a few weeks as we declare texas our new home!