Tuesday, June 26, 2012


my sweet boy is three!!  

i can hardly believe that you were born three years ago, finn.  you are growing up so much each day, yet still are my sweet little man.  you are all boy and i have loved seeing the differences in having a girl and a boy.  yet, you have the most tender heart and have so much compassion it almost brings me to tears.  

it is absolutely a joy to be your parents and every day i am so incredibly thankful for you.  you are the most wonderful little brother to lily and the best big brother to crosby.  

i hope today you felt overwhelmed by how much we adore you.  you are amazing and i am so thankful for these past three years and for the decades to come.

we love you so very much, finn wiley smith!


your mama and dada

finn's birthday requests today: white cupcakes with white icing, blue juice, swimming and a special movie.  oh i love you!!!

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Sam said...

I love you so much little Finn! I can't wait to visit you