Monday, June 4, 2012


crosby had his final neonatology appointment this morning.

things are looking great for our big man.  his development is coming along and while he still has some delays, he is making great forward progress.  i learned for the first time today that there is a preemie growth chart that adjusts their size and compares them to other preemies born at their gestation.  and, i am happy to say, that for 27 weekers, he is in the 50% for weight!  he is barely on the chart for length, so that is something we will watch, but i was so happy to see him on a growth chart!  at his regular pediatrican's appointments, he has yet to eek onto a chart.  so, it was great to see his little dot among others! :)

if we were not moving, they would continue to follow him.  but since we are getting ready to head west, he has been discharged to the care of a new pediatrician and physical therapist.

i have really loved touching base with his NICU doctors and have felt a sense of peace as they have tracked his progress over the months.  they have taken such amazing care of cros and we could not be more thankful for each doctor and nurse that has helped us along the way.

today, as we were wrapping things up at his appointment, i found myself getting all teary eyed as i said goodbye to one of his amazing attendings.  i know our paths will cross again, but i feel i could never thank the team enough.

thankfully, we have a NICU graduation reunion to attend this weekend!

this office has an waiting room filled with toys and a teacher who will play with lily and finn while crosby has his appointment.  i have to pull them away from the office at the end of these checkups! :)

our big man showing off his skills to a doctor.


Ashley said...

Yea, Crosby D! Big boy in so many ways. Congrats on your first graduation!

Sam said...

So proud of you Crosby! Love you all