Thursday, March 7, 2013

::crosby d::

happy happy 2nd birthday, sweet crosby!

we adore you with all that we are.

i do not think a birthday of yours will ever pass by that i am not taken back to the days leading up to your birth.  i think each of your birthdays will feel like an absolute miracle to me.  a beautiful beautiful miracle where the Lord was so good to our family.

you are such a gift to our family.  you bring so much humor, so much spunk, so much life into our home.  you constantly keep me on my toes, and i am so thankful for your wit and personality.  you adore your daddy and are growing and learning new things every day.  we love you more than words could ever express.  

happy 2nd birthday, crosby!  i thank the Lord for you every single day!


Ashley said...

Ah! So sad we're not going to be there for Crosby's birthday. We love you so much, Cros! Happy birthday!! xoxo

Josie Decker, RN said...

Oh so sweet. Tears of joy... remembering and imagining the fear and thankfulness of his growing inside your belly and his birth. Happy birthday little guy!

Lisa Henry Smith Photography LLC said...

Happy Happy Birthday Crosby! We've been thinking of you today. We did the math a few times . . . can't believe you're 2! Our love to you!

AJK said...

Totally brought tears to my eyes. I cry every year on G's birthday too. It's amazing to see how little Crosby was and now looks so big and happy! Happy Happy Birthday!!

Tisha said...

Didn't realize I was signed in under Adam's name! Happy Birthday Crosby!!