Sunday, March 10, 2013

::everything's bigger in texas::

i have been looking forward to this past weekend for months.  ash, whit, duke and sam all decided to make the trek to the lone star state and experience the rodeo alongside us.

it was absolutely devastating thursday morning to find out that ash and her boys were unable to come due to illness...there was a huge void in the entire weekend.  we are definitely hoping she is able to use her tickets in the very near future.

after facing the sad news, we did rally and enjoy all that the weekend could provide. we relished the warm weather, cowboys, good food and perfect company.  it was amazing to have whit, duke and sam here and we couldn't get enough time with them.

experiencing the rodeo and tim mcgraw!

and of course, celebrating crosby's 2nd birthday!

every chance i get to spend with family makes me more and more thankful for the amazing bonds that tie us together.  and keeps me longing for more.  it was an absolutely wonderful texas style weekend and i am so thankful we were able to be together...and i can't say i was sad when i found out that whit's flight was cancelled and she had to spend tonight with us!  bonus for us!

i love you all so very very much!!

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Whitney said...

thank you for an amazing weekend!!! LOVE YOU!!!