Tuesday, March 5, 2013

::beyond measure::

when i was pregnant with crosby, the university of virginia health system was running a campaign called "beyond measure."  the basic premise was that the hospital was beyond measure in so many different arenas -- in dedication, compassion, loyalty, service and so on.

and i remember thinking the campaign was a little bit cheesy.  i have always wholeheartedly thought the hospital is amazing.  from ryan's training, to working there myself, i have fully believed in what a great institution it is.  but, something about the "beyond measure" ads just seemed a little silly to me.

and then i got sick.  really sick.  and got hospitalized at our local hospital.  and then transferred to UVA.  and then i truly started to believe that UVA is beyond measure in so very many ways.

my OB, who had to relinquish my care to UVA once i was transferred, came and sat by our bedside every afternoon.  his dedication was absolutely beyond measure.

my new OB's at UVA listened to our every concern.  twice they wanted to do an emergent c-section, but ryan strongly voiced his concern and begged for another day or two and they ran more tests and waited.  their understanding and compassion were beyond measure.

and when the day came that neither crosby nor i could hold on any longer, my anesthesiologist went above and beyond to care for me.  although the actual c-section is a very painful memory to me, he came back into my room and took over for the nurses and pushed blood products until i was doing better.  his dedication and take charge attitude were undeniably beyond measure.

the nicu staff far superseded our expectations.  the physicians, nurse practitioners and nurses cared for crosby as if he were their own.  the hours that i was not able to be by his bedside, they treated him so wonderfully and with such knowledge...we will forever be indebted to them.  their love and compassion were absolutely beyond measure.

but why do i mention all of this on this random day in march?

it is because we have passed 27 weeks and 2 days in this pregnancy.  and the only words that come to my mind are, "beyond measure."  my unbelievable thankfulness to the Lord for his provision over this pregnancy is absolutely beyond measure.  beyond measure.

i would be lying if i said that my faith had not waivered during this pregnancy and that i had not had doubts that we would make it this far.  fear has crept in many times and i have prayed every day that we would make it past 27 weeks and 2 days.  i have felt that if we could get this far, we could handle anything.

i know there is no guarantee.  i know that my trust absolutely has to be in the Lord in regards to this pregnancy and in terms of my children.

but, the elation i feel to have made it so far with this miracle pregnancy is beyond measure.

thank you, dear Lord.  thank you...

to You be the glory and honor forevermore.


Whitney said...

you did it! i am thankful beyond measure for you. and love you beyond measure!

and can't wait to love this baby beyond measure!


Sam said...

Woohoo Smith family! I can't wait to see you preggo Court.

Pam said...

Today is indeed a day to celebrate! I'm so very happy for you and have all faith that it will be at least another ten weeks before we meet the newest Smith. Thank you for so eloquently sharing your thankfulness.

Katherine said...

so exciting! i didn't know you were pregnant.

i'm passing this on to my friend, kam- a nicu nurse. she remembers little crosby:)

Alice Doyal said...

so so happy court!