Wednesday, March 27, 2013


happy happy birthday, ryan!

i love this day every year when it rolls around...i am so abundantly thankful for you and i am so glad to have a day to celebrate YOU.

i truly fall deeper and deeper in love with you each passing day.  i am constantly astonished that the Lord gave me the amazing gift of you and that we are such a perfect match for one another.  you are the man of my dreams and the perfect husband and father.

i am so proud of all you have accomplished and of all of the sacrifices you have made.  as we are nearing the end of your training, i am so amazed by the grace and humility you have possessed as you walked through these past 10 years.  and i am so grateful you have chosen me to be by your side.

i love you so much.  happy happy day.

love always,


Ashley said...

Yea!!! Happy birthday to Ry!! And...super cute family pic!

Alexandra Howden said...

happy happy birthday ryan!!!