Sunday, October 20, 2013

::fall goodness::

we have been surrounded by love the past two weekends.  

my parents came to visit this weekend and it was so wonderful to be with them.  

we packed every minute to the brim with autumnal activities and made the most of a weekend that went by in a blink.

we started out with a bang as we went out for tapas and to hear drew holcomb and the neighbors the first night they arrived.  my mom and i both think that ellie is pretty entertaining and awesome to watch.  and they were really good sports to go with us.

we went to finn's soccer game, went to a pumpkin patch and a few vineyards, grilled out and of course my dad did a few home improvement projects for us.  

we even had a quick halloween party to attend that my dad so generously outfitted us for.

it was a wonderful weekend.  i am always so overwhelmed by how "at home" you feel to be surrounded by family.

we love you!!

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

Just saw your guest post over at Whitney's and thought I'd pop over and say hi :)