Thursday, October 31, 2013


the days over here are full.  gloriously full.  i have loved the rhythym of our autumn so far.  but sometimes need to stop and just savor these moments before they fly by.  

ryan had a conference at the greenbrier in west virginia for a stretch of days.  he so graciously let us crash his little room for a night so the whole family could enjoy the beautiful resort.

it was a perfect fall weekend and our kids soaked up every minute of it.  from walking up and down the mountain to our cottage room, to swimming, high tea and an a capella group, they thought it was pretty awesome.

lily was invited to go to her first movie while we were there.  we knew finn was too exhausted to handle it as he was almost falling asleep in his dinner.  i explained to him that it would be too late and asked if he would want to watch something on the ipad for 5 minutes when we got back instead.  i fully expected a huge meltdown.  but instead, he said, "sure mama!"   we tucked della and crosby in and snuggled on the huge king bed while he enjoyed his 5 minutes.  sweet boy.

getting ready for halloween!

our sweet little bit is growing and growing before our eyes.  EVERYthing is meant for her mouth and she works all day to get it there.


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