Tuesday, October 15, 2013

my camera is about to travel to africa, so forgive my lack of photos for all things life right now.  *but i am REALLY REALLY REALLY excited for said camera and even more so for whit!!*

but, in the mean time, we had a great weekend enjoying the company and generosity of kathy.

my kids relished her attention and love.  we snuck in some time outdoors and a walk in between rain.  we went to a great art festival right here in our new town.  and we ate delicious food.

it was a wonderful weekend of love and time together.

thank you so much for visiting!

crosby has officially graduated to the lower bunk bed.  it makes him seem so big.  he is doing a great job of staying in and behaving (surprisingly so!).  but, he has fallen out on numerous occasions.  this is how we found him a few nights ago...

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