Sunday, September 20, 2009

because 10 years from now, i know this will warm my heart...

not too far from our house, there lies a beautiful trail. it is two miles up the side of a mountain, er, foothill, i suppose. it is beautiful and has amazing bridges winding up as it weaves it's way to the top. it's not particularly steep, but it does ascend the entire way.

well, pre-lily, we thought we should go out there to run. somehow we never got around to it. post-lily, we again said we should run up it and then back down. yet, time got away from us. well, in my "i am reclaiming my body" phase, i decided it was now or never and we were running up it. however, it did seem like a silly thing for us to get a babysitter for, so we decided to conquer it with double stroller in tow.

today was the day. and we did it! (however, the grade proved to be a little less steep than i'd imagined in my excitement about the hard workout!) it was great and we all enjoyed it, but the best part was watching lily run part of the way back down. we often go out there to take a walk and last week we decided to let lily stretch her legs on the way down. we thought she'd walk alongside us for a bit, but she ran full speed the remainder of the walk to the car (which was over half a mile!) and it was pure joy for her. so, today we let her enjoy the downhill yet again for a stretch and she loved every second of it. i know that as my sweet one grows, memories like this will warm my heart...

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