Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"lily, doesn't it feel good to be back home?"...

lily: "no, i want to go back to muffy and skippy's house!" (spoken on our first morning back home)

when we are in z'ville, there is NO shortage of fun, activity and attention that we all receive. our parents shower us all with so much love that it makes it so hard to peel ourselves away. this trip was especially fun for lily as she has reached an age that she is really enjoying all that there is to offer. i guess our water table can't exactly compare to the pool, now can it??

the children's museum was a huge hit. so much so that lily threw herself on the middle of the ramp to tantrum when she thought there was even a slight possibility we were leaving!

the zoo was such a highlight that lily now plays "pretend zoo" constantly!

finn hardly made it out of someone's arms the entire time we were there!

a little apple orchard action.

finn's first apple pickin'.

disappointing cucumbers... much to my dad's dismay!

now you can see why it is so hard to pull ourselves away!!

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