Wednesday, September 30, 2009

chariots of fire

it's true. i love to run. it is so freeing for me. so healing. so invigorating.

but, i would never try to pressure my children to run. however, lily currently LOVES it. and while this just may be a phase, grandma pat saw the spark in lily's eyes as she ran with the that sense of freedom that only a toddler running at full speed can experience.

so, lily was absolutely THRILLED today to receive her very first full-on-running-ensemble from her amazing great-grandma pat. it was like christmas for lily opening the box this afternoon and we immediately donned the entire outfit.

and of course went for a run.

thank you so much, grandma pat. you made lily's day...

(jim, check out that stretching!!)


whitney biber said...

i LOVE the outfit!!! great going grandma pat!!!

Jim said...

Stretching her hammy! I think I might cry! I've found my biggest ally in the Biber Stretching Revolution