Tuesday, September 1, 2009

with bated breath...

ryan's paternity leave finally rolled around as finn hit the 2 months old mark. and even though i was a bit unhappy with the arrangement immediately following his birth, it did work out quite well. we traveled to z'ville and finn met quite a few people who had been very anxious to see him!


grandma pat just couldn't get enough time with finn in her arms!!

finn meeting colin!

stef came down to do some wedding planning (!!!) and hang out!

our amazing friends, katy and david, traveled 5 and a half hours to spend some time with us. ainsley was a natural!!

eric made the trek from columbus and it meant the world to us to get to see him!!

avery getting ready to be a big sister again!!

i realized after we left that there were several other people who i was sad not to catch on film holding finn. i guess that means we will just have to come back again soon!

thanks so much to all of our family and friends for making it such an amazing week!

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