Friday, May 13, 2011

forward progress...

yesterday, crosby had his "car seat trail."  he had to prove that he could maintain his oxygen saturation for two hours in his car seat. 

he looked like such a little peanut in there.  he passed the trial and although he barely fits in the seat (all 4 lbs 11 oz of him!) we are thrilled that we can use it to bring him home!

then we had the pleasure of spending the night with him last night.

the NICU has two great suites set up for parents to room in prior to discharge.

although it was truly a sleepless night, it makes me feel better about bringing him home on oxygen and monitors.  it was wonderful to finally spend a night with our littlest!

we are so close!


PAT said...

oh wow.............!!!!!!!! I am speechless, thrilled beyond words.............Praise be to God and thank you for the fabulous care he was given in the nicu!!!! I am so thankful and happy for all of you!!!!

Veganvis said...

Oh my goodness how wonderful!