Saturday, May 14, 2011


i guess i didn't realize how fragmented my heart felt until we walked in the door with our three kids and i felt the breaks start to immediately mend themselves.

i feel like a thousand pounds have been lifted off of my shoulders and the constant anxiety has left my heart.

i feel like the tears that i have been holding back are finally not so near.  

i feel whole again.

praise be to God.

we brought crosby home today and i am so abundantly thankful.  he is still tiny, still needs oxygen and monitoring and still has some issues eating.  but, i am so thankful we can work on these things at home.  to be able to sit here typing with him in my lap and not in his crib at the hospital feels like heaven.  i know the next few weeks will be crazy, but it will be a crazy that i relish in comparison to our past 10 weeks.  

i am so thankful...

 lily's wonderful friend, ainsley, made a sign for our front door.
 crosby with his paraphernalia.

 getting to touch crosby for the first time.

feeding him his vitamins.  crosby actually has two moms when lily is around.  she is adorable with him.

oh home, sweet home!


the hammocks said...

i am ecstatic for you guys!! welcome home, crosby!!

Katie and Adam said...

yeah. so happy to read this news. enjoy every minute of being a family... we love you.

Mere said...

Yeahh!! How exciting for your family to all be together! He is so precious!

Jared said...

hi courtney and ryan, i am so happy for you! praise be to Jesus! i will continue to pray for crosby's health and that The Lord will continue to protect and bless your lovely family.
molly long
(pat ports' daughter)

Callie said...

i am just thrilled for your family!!! this is truly so exciting and i'm very thankful that you are all together. the pictures are adorable!!