Monday, May 30, 2011

memorial day in c'ville brought a heatwave.

we have some great city pools and we decided it was time to take our first trip today.  unfortunately, the pools were at capacity due to the heat and we had to head back home defeated.

thankfully, our kids were thrilled by the sprinkler and they spent a long time running through it.

we have a small hole in our front yard that has taunted both lily and finn since they learned to walk.  they both notoriously choose the route through the front yard that takes them over the hole.

as the sprinkler ran, the hole filled with water.  lily and finn thought it was awesome and finn thought it was more than just muddy water...

you can hear him saying "special drink...special drink right here" a few times...he was convinced he had created chocolate milk in his own backyard!


Whitney said...

ahaha special drink! that's what happens after a weekend with muffy!

PAT said...