Monday, May 9, 2011


we are getting so close to crosby coming home!!

he may be discharged as early as this friday and at the latest, it should be the end of next week!  hallelujah!

he completed his trial off of caffeine with no apnea or bradycardia.  now he just needs to try to get off of oxygen and learn how to eat all his meals on his own.  

we are so close!!!!


Katie and Adam said...

what awesome awesome news. we are soooo happy to hear this. we will continue to pray and look forward to when you get to be a family under 1 roof instead of 2. our love to you guys.

Sam said...

cant wait to come home and see the champ! love you guys

PAT said...

what awesome news!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is beautiful! We are so thrilled and are so happy he will be able to go home soon to be with his mom, dad, brother, and sister!!! We are so very thankful! Sending lots of love your way!!!