Tuesday, May 31, 2011

::room air::

over the weekend, crosby pulled his nasal cannula off in the night.  i awoke to find his oxygen saturation in the high 90's and the oxygen blowing on his eyes.  

we decided we'd try to see if he could continue on room air. 

 for the first few nervous hours, we kept the cannula on his face, but turned off.  but as the day persisted, i got antsy to see his face completely free from accessories.  he made it almost a whole day without needing supplemental oxygen!  he became a bit worn out by the end of the day and is now back on his oxygen, but we know we are getting close now!  hooray!!


Blessed Mom said...

What a precious little face. I'm so glad you were able to kiss on him accessory free for a little while.

Lindsay said...

Yay!! so exciting! :)