Thursday, August 4, 2011


i have been struck in the last few weeks by just how big lily is.

although i certainly don't think of her as my baby, i still think of her as "little."

but then she says things, or helps finn, or seems so tall, or speaks with such compassion and i am floored by how old and big she is.  (and of course then she throws a fit and she feels little again!) :)

it is so bittersweet.  i want to savor every minute of my kids being little.  but, then i watch her right now and i am so excited for the years to come and the memories we are making.

 i realized recently that she is now at the age that i start to have solid memories of my youth.  and they are such fun, magical, free and creative memories and it makes me so happy for her.  watching her pretend to be a dolphin in the pool transports me right back to my days spent at azionaqua.  or hearing her talk about the fairies living in the house she and finn built in the basement makes my heart long for those days of make believe.  and the thousands of questions she asks all day long makes me love how much she yearns for knowledge right now.

my baby is so big.
and yet so little.
and i am savoring it so much...

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Whitney said...

she is soo big! and you have a lot of diapers!