Tuesday, August 30, 2011


crosby slept through the night last night. 

it was A.MAZ.ING.  amazing.  truly.

new year's eve was when my contractions started.  and since then, i have had two uninterrupted nights of sleep.  every other night has been filled with contractions, or bleeding, or pumping or feeding a sweet babe.

and i really don't say that to complain.  it has been a journey.  and the end results are a deliciously plump and healthy baby. 

but i mention all of that to say that our night's sleep last night was out of this world.  

i do not think i moved an inch from 10:30 last night when we tucked crosby in until 6 am this morning.  i was literally in the exact same position.  and it was wonderful.

i know it might be a little bit until he is consistently sleeping through the night, but the promise of it looms ever so close on the horizon.

good job, little warrior!!!


Lindsay said...

What a gift! That's awesome!!!!!! Enjoy that sleep!

Ashley said...

Hurrah! I have been hoping for this for you! It must have felt so very good. I'll try to keep your long journey in mind when I'm awakening in the night with the new babe.

Alice Doyal said...

Hooray!!!! I remember the first night that happened with Lucy...one of the most delicious feelings in the world! So so glad that he's sleeping and will pray that this continues!

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Katie and Adam said...

unreal. "Deliciously plump." I loved that description. You guys are the best. We miss you. So happy for your sleep!
-a & k