Tuesday, August 16, 2011

::a peep::

lily and finn are best buds right now.  

they certainly have their skirmishes and they can definitely try to antagonize one another.  but, overall, they both really want to be with the other.  

we have been working really hard on speaking respectfully around these parts and lily had a stretch of several days where she did an excellent job.  we told her that if she continued to speak kindly for the rest of the day last friday, she and finn could have a "sleepover."  

they previously had a sleepover in july and lily has been longing for another.  while they kids considered the sleepover a success, they talked for hours and were exhausted the next day.  but lily loved it so much that she has asked often for another  and we felt like it would be a great treat for good behavior.

she was on her best behavior the remainder of the day and they were both SO excited for the upcoming evening.  lily told me she didn't even want to read books, but just be tucked right in.  

we snuggled finn into his crib and lily was on an awesome biber-style pallet (think lots of blankets and pillows), told them not to talk for too long and said "good night."  as we were headed out the door, lily said, "mama, do you know how many peeps you will hear from me?"  and i said, "how many, lily?"  and she said, "no peeps!"

the moment we walked out, we heard finn say, "hi lily!"  with almost so much excitement it was palpable.

we let them chat for about an hour and then snuck in to tell them it was time to settle down.  

about 30 minutes later, we heard them both chanting, "no more monkeys jumping on the bed."  finn's crib was squeaking with every jump and you could hear lily's feet slamming onto the ground.

we let that continue for a bit and then told them it truly was time to settle down.  

well, by 10 o'clock, the awesome sleepover had to be ended.  tears followed and i felt like the worst parent to separate my kids who were just loving their secret time together.  (but, we decided it was a good idea as they were both exhausted the next day!)

all that to be said, it made my heart so happy to hear them excitedly whispering (and screaming) in joy together as the hours drew on.  and, we definitely heard more than "a peep" out of them!

and as a total sidenote, lily is definitely very sensitive and takes note of all emotions.  whether it is the bagger at the grocery store ("mama, whey did that man have on his grouchy face?" - as we are still in earshot), to telling us which cars have "happy faces," which have "sad faces" and the worst of all, which cars have "crying faces." (who knew??), to wanting to discuss the sadness in stories or phone calls. she definitely is perceptive beyond my wildest imagination. 

anyway, she has a lovie we so endearingly refer to as, "lambie."  well, she actually has three of them (just in case, you know?)  when she was little, she thought only one existed, but she is too wise now for our antics.

to ryan and me, all three look identical.  we have been careful to rotate them often and let them all receive the same amount of loving.  but not to lily...

as i was tucking her in the other day, she said, "mama, do you know who i am really missing?" (i was thinking she would mention a grandparent or aunt or uncle).

"who lily?" i said.

"smiling lambie." 
hmm...  i had no idea one lambie was preferred over another.  i went to her drawer to pull out the other two lambies, and of course, one lambie has the slightest upturn of it's stitching by it's mouth.  "smiling lambie."

thankfully, lily told me as i was walking out, "i love staring lambie, too, though."  thank goodness!

how i cherish the things that come out of their mouths!

note that finn's mouth is full in every picture!


Ashley said...

Oh, Nin. Smiling and staring lambie. She is a hoot. I miss them!

the hammocks said...

Does this mean Crosby is sleeping through the night?!?! (otherwise, you are braver than brave!!) I bet their giggling warmed your heart!!