Sunday, August 21, 2011

::how i love c'ville::

dave matthews was here last night.

he was playing at an outdoor pavilion that is really small in terms of his typical venue.

and tickets sold out in the first 30 seconds.  we were not so quick as to score tickets in those 30 seconds.

we decided the opportunity was too good to pass up and so we got delicious vegetarian sandwiches, had a picnic near the pavilion and decided to camp out to see if we could catch part of his show.

he was playing with tim reynolds and the concert was for charity.  we didn't think there was any chance we would be able to get close.

but we did...

the venue was a 2 minute drive from our house.  and we were able to be within a block.  and it sounded like we were right under the pavilion. and we didn't pay a dime.   it was amazing.  the kids loved it and had a blast dancing around downtown.  even crosby loved his first concert.

we have payed for it today with some tired kids, but it was well worth it.

a lot of love for c'ville!

the video quality is terrible and our kids were exhausted by this point.  but you will get the picture. :)

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Meredith said...

That's awesome that you guys went! I heard it was a great show.