Tuesday, August 9, 2011

happy anniversary!

8 beautiful years have passed since ryan and i said, "i do."

they have been the most wonderful and rich years of my life.

although this year has held challenges greater than any we had yet faced, it made my love for him grow so much stronger and deeper.  watching you, ryan, as we faced such uncertainty and hardship, gave me so much strength.  you were a pillar of hope and faith for us during my struggles and crosby's hospital stay and i will never be able to say "thank you" enough for all you did for me during those months.

i love you more than words could express.

thank you for choosing me.

happy anniversary!!


Ashley said...

Yea! Happy anniversary! I didn't even know the date when I talked to you this morning--of course you didn't mention it, silly girl. Have a super lovely date tonight--ah, go ahead and leave the little man at home!

Whitney said...

yaay! you're just a few years away from tin or aluminum!