Tuesday, June 14, 2011


our little glow worm no longer has to glow.

we are so excited!  our pediatrician and crosby's neonatologist gave us the green light to get rid of the oxygen and both monitors!

when we were discharged, i remember telling ryan that i would probably never want to get rid of the monitor that keeps track of his oxygen saturation because it was such peace of mind...

how wrong was i???
i could practically throw both monitors out the window.  
while they were fabulous at doing their very important jobs, i am so looking forward to a night of sleeping without hearing incessant beeping every time crosby moves around too much or grunts for a second.  it will be wonderful.

and to have him completely unhooked and looking like a normal baby is heavenly.  you've come so far, little guy!

here's to a good night's sleep tonight...
(that is if crosby doesn't wake up every hour!)