Sunday, June 26, 2011

happy birthday, chief!!!

our finn is turning two today.

i can hardly believe it.

but, then, i look at him and can hardly believe he is only two.

he speaks in huge sentences.  has such an opinion.  has such a big heart and a determined will.  he is spunky and mischievous and adorable (and he knows it!).  he keeps us on our toes and gives the most amazing hugs.

our hearts could not love him more.

finn, happy happy 2nd birthday!  we love you more than words and hope that you always know how deep and wide and huge our love and the love of the Lord is for you.

happy birthday, big man!


Sam said...

oh my goodness i cannot wait to see your children. happy bday finn! love you

the hammocks said...

happy happy birthday finn!!! you are SO SO loved!!

Ashley said...

Yea, Finny! Happy Birthday! We can't wait to celebrate with you in a couple weeks! We love you so much.

Whitney said...

oh i love him so! come over tonight! i want to celebrate finny too!

Duke said...

finn was the only one ready to celebrate everyone else's bday