Thursday, June 9, 2011


recent resident's party

yesterday, ryan finished his last day of resident's clinic.

it would be safe to say that clinic has not been ryan's favorite part of residency.  no tears were shed as he finished his day.

and today, ryan has his last day of primary call as a resident EVER!  this feels like a huge milestone!

he will become a chief in a few days and it is hard to believe!  his call will be more frequent, but he will be buffered by the other residents taking primary call.

ry, it has been such an honor to walk beside you through medical school and residency.  i cannot believe how close you are to completing this journey.  you have worked so hard and made so many sacrifices without any of the complaining i surely would have done.  you are amazing.  and i am so proud of you.



Josie Decker, RN said...

Wow! Congratulations! so proud of you guys!

Katie and Adam said...

I love to check your blog. I love your cute little family and am so proud of all that you guys are doing and all that you stand for. So happy to see the little man getting big and strong too! Umm... on a side note, that residents picture is just far enough away that I'm pretty sure Brummett is there (far left), Colin is in the back row and maybe even Erika Lundeen but I'm not sure. -adam