Wednesday, June 8, 2011

tiny miracles.

great strides have been made by crosby in the last week.

he has been off of oxygen for 3 days.  our pediatrician said that if he can go for a week without us needing to provide him with supplemental oxygen, we can get rid of the monitors!  it will feel absolutely wonderful to have an untethered baby!

when i walk around the house without carrying his monitor, lily always asks why he isn't wearing "cords."  it will be such a great feeling to be "cord-free!"

and he weighs 6-5 now!  our little peanut isn't so little anymore!

he has also made great progress in nursing in the last week.  what was once a big struggle every time, is now feeling much more natural and easy.  he used to fall asleep after a minute or two because he was lacking the energy needed to nurse.  he has gotten so much stronger and more capable!

it is amazing that all of this has happened as he has made it past the 40 week gestational age.

my friend, katy, and i were talking about it this morning.  how it all is just starting to "click" after he has passed his due date.

it makes me even more thankful and in awe of the wonderful 40 weeks lily and finn had inside of me to become ready for the world.

and even though crosby lacked some of those weeks, i am forever thankful for the Lord's providence and care over his life to bring him so successfully to term.


PAT said...

wonderful, fabulous, what a blessing, how thankful all the Ports' are ........... Thanks be to our Lord!!!!!!!!

Whitney said...

so impressive!

Sam said...

he is gonna be a stud