Sunday, June 5, 2011


we had a really wonderful weekend doing the simple things as a family of five.  

tonight after dinner, lily and finn were enjoying ice cream cones and their happiness was literally palpable.  it made my heart feel so full to be enjoying the start of summer with three healthy kids under one roof.  we are so blessed.  

on saturday morning, we went to a local farm that we are supporting this year.  we picked up our veggies and then spent time picking peas and herbs.  the kids loved it and it was amazing to watch them eating peas out of their bags as if it was candy.  lily was adamant when we got home that she make a cheese, pea and basil sandwich.  i thought she surely would not eat it, but she ate the whole thing and then made another!  it was awesome to see her take pride and ownership in her meal!  

today we went out to a polo match again with our friends, the thomases.  they are getting ready to move to mississippi and we wanted to enjoy the afternoon with them.

 finn loved replacing the divots in between halves.

it was a great weekend...i just wish it didn't have to end so quickly!

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