Tuesday, June 28, 2011

we are headed back into the hospital this thursday morning.

our littlest has to have a bilateral hernia repair.  

we would love prayer for crosby's surgeon and anesthesiologists.
thankfully, the procedure itself isn't too complicated.  but preemies are notorious for occasionally being tricky in terms of the anesthesia and being extubated at the end of the case.

i am confident all will go well, but i have to admit that stepping foot back in the hospital and spending the night there gives me a pit in my stomach.  i will be thankful for it to be over and for crosby to feel better.

thank you all SO much for your prayers!


Lindsay said...

I made pesto tonight. Pesto always reminds me of you because it was so delicious when you made it last summer when we visited. So, I prayed for you all and Crosby as I made the pesto tonight! Anxious to hear how it goes!

Katie and Adam said...

Thinking and praying for you guys today.