Wednesday, October 3, 2012


i truly do not think i am exaggerating when i say that i believe there are millions of acorns on the ground in our neighborhood.

millions.  really.  i think so.

when you drive down our driveway, you crunch over little acorns the whole way.

when i go for a run in the morning, i often fear i will slip for so many acorns roll underfoot.

the squirrels have a hay day in our backyard because it is littered with acorns.

and my kids are constantly collecting acorns and their hands are almost always clutching these treasures when they are outside.

i have found acorns in finn's bed.  on the back of the toilet.  on the kitchen table.  in the legos.  and in lily's backpack.

they are e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e.

even crosby collects them.  not a choking hazard, right??

yesterday, the kids and i decided to go on a treasure hunt for acorns with their caps still intact.  i thought we would be able to find a handful of them, since most of the acorns loose their lids on the way to the ground.  lily, however, was positive we could find a whole thermos of acorns.  and she was correct.  we walked and walked 'til their hearts content and their containers full.

and then we started glittering.

glitter is all over the place in our house.  and i have a feeling it will be for weeks to come.

you know what you are getting from us for christmas! :)


Ashley said...

I want some!! So cute...maybe we'll have to do pinecones!

the smiths said...

i was thinking pinecones would be pretty!!

Josie Decker, RN said...

oo so fun! Love it!

Whitney said...

i am going to steal crosby and all of his acorns!!! so cute

Pam said...

What a great idea!