Sunday, October 14, 2012

::my love::

ryan and i ran in a race yesterday.

and it was hot.  and the heat is my nemesis when it comes to running.  (ie. chicago marathon)

the race was in a really cool area near houston and it was awesome to go for a long run just the two of us.  but, i was a wimp and didn't really have much gusto when we got around to mile 8 or so.

but, my sweet husband, who loves me so much, was just happy to run by my side and encourage me.  i kept telling him to go ahead without me, but he was content to be by my side.  and i love him so much for that.

it certainly wasn't our fastest run, but it was a lot of fun and it was our first texas style race.  (i truly do believe that everything is bigger in texas!)  and it was the first race t-shirt i've ever received with an armadillo on it.  pretty awesome if you ask me.

and on a totally different note, check out this little bandit...

i turned my back for one minute and walked around the kitchen corner to find him with three cookies in his hands and one in his mouth.  he knew he was into mischief because he immediately shoved all three cookies into his mouth and put the lid on the container by the time i got my camera (and then promptly started gagging on said cookies in his mouth).  oh i love this boy...

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Whitney said...

i bet you were still really fast :)

and omg cros!!!