Friday, October 12, 2012

::summer lovin'::

around these parts, we are still loving the summer weather. 
with our nights in the 70's and our days in the 90's, it makes me think that everyone else is experiencing this weather right alongside us.  

i keep thinking it still must be august and can't believe the heat can stick around this long.  while i do miss a good pumpkin patch, this midwestern girl is not complaining.  it has been fun to enjoy these warm days with the kids.

lily called me outside this evening to say, "mama, i have been meaning to tell you all day...last night at bedtime i peeked out my window and saw the most beautiful sky of my life.  the sunset was pink, blue and yellow."

sheesh.  she sounds so old.  whit was just saying that kindergarten sure has made her seem older.  it has been absolute joy to see the ways she is changing and learning in the first month and a half of school...but oh my, time, do slow down!

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