Monday, October 22, 2012

::halloween preview::

i think i'll chalk it up to being in a big city, but we've never had so many fall party options.  from lily's school, to our gym, to the zoo and museums and friends, we have options galore over the next few weeks.  

the kids and i decided to kick it off this weekend with a fall party at the YMCA.  it was so much fun to see how excited they were to get dressed up and it was great to see lots of our neighbors celebrating. it may not feel like autumn around here, but this sure got us in the halloween mood!

he kept saying, "i'm fierce! i'm ferocious!"

they had tons of fun things for the kids to do -- including a camel ride.  unfortunately, my kids wouldn't touch the camel with a 10 foot pole.  but he was fun to watch! 

on the way home, lily wouldn't stop picking up all the litter and filling her halloween basket with it.  my sensitive one.  

happy autumn!!

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