Tuesday, October 2, 2012

::easy peasy::

since moving to houston, i've had a bit more time on my hands than i previously had.  
ryan works long hours.
my social commitments have been fewer.
and my obligations outside of the house have been fewer.

you could say that some days i am left feeling a bit...er...bored.

so, all that to be said, i've had some time to dream about some of my christmas gifts and get crafting.

today, during naps, i whipped up a handful of playsilks to give away.

i used an incredibly easy method of dying them with kool-aid and purchased them online for next to nothing.  typically, playsilks cost $10-12 a piece.  this was a much cheaper option!   

lily did ask me what that very sweet smell was from her bedroom (our house smells cloyingly sweet!) and my hands have a red glow to them.  but, otherwise it was as easy as can be.  

i used a tutorial found here.  next time, i would use larger pots so i could stir the silks around more.  and i had purchased two "blue" kool-aid packages thinking i would have some good boy colors, but it turned out that the color was actually a red drink mix.  sorry, boys!  next time!  

it was a quick little project and fun to play around with tie dying.  and they should dry quickly in the texas heat!  hooray for christmas crafts!

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