Friday, October 19, 2012

::this is how she gets to school every day::

i am so thankful that lily loves school this much.  

we have definitely had some bumps along the way (ie. fear of getting lost after lunch, being worried that she will get in trouble in violin because the boy she stands next to talks to her the whole time, anxiety about her teacher not being with her in P.E.) but overall, lily is loving school.  so much so that she told me last friday afternoon, "mama, i like school more than the weekends."  my heart simultaneously broke a little and rejoiced.  but truly, we could not be more thankful for her sweet school and her amazing teacher.

this video is the worst video ever, but she was just too cute this morning.  

thankfully, the sprint stops when she gets to every street corner and she dutifully waits for us.  :)

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