Monday, April 4, 2011

::four weeks old::

it is hard to believe that four weeks have passed since crosby's tumultuous entrance into this world.

part of me feels like he just arrived and the emotions of it are still so raw.
the other part of me feels like we have been living like this for ages and i can hardly remember what life before his birth looked like.

we have learned so much and have grown in so many ways through his pregnancy and life thus far.  it has drawn ryan and i even closer to one another and we have had to trust in the Lord like never before.  it has made me realize how incredibly blessed we are and it has given me newfound gratitude for lily and finn's healthy deliveries.  it has made me mourn the abrupt end of my pregnancy, but rejoice in the Lord's goodness and faithfulness.  it has made me realize how fragile life is and has made me so thankful for each day that crosby grows stronger.

it has given me a whole new perspective.  and i think it will continue to do so for months to come.

at four weeks, crosby has made great strides.  some of his impressive stats:
- he is well over 3 lbs now (about 3-6)
- he is on a nasal cannula most of the day, but spends a couple 3 hour stents on CPAP to give him a bit of rest
- he is finally being fed via his NG tube and is about halfway to reaching full feeds
- he is no longer getting lipids through his central line and there is talk of him coming off of TPN soon!
- he gets caffeine every day to help him remember to breathe
- he is still cozy in his isolette, which helps him regulate his body temperature
- we are able to hold him once a day (and it is heaven!)  he makes adorable little squeaks and then settles in to snuggle.
- he is going to have an eye exam in the next week to check for retinopathy of prematurity (an eye disease in preemies that can cause scarring and vision problems) and we would love prayers that his eyes would be in perfect condition!

crosby is so very sweet and we are all longing for the day when he is home with us.

these four weeks have been overwhelming in many ways, but we are abundantly thankful for the newest member of our family and for every day that he grows stronger and bigger!


rileydster said...

We praise God for growth and we pray for continued strength. Thanks for letting us watch a miracle.

Dan Riley

PAT said...

Thanks for sharing Crosby's life with us. We continue to pray for him and that his eyes will be perfect. He is amazing............and HE is amazing!!! God bless you all.