Wednesday, April 20, 2011

::our big man::

crosby has graduated from his isolette (as sam calls it his "clear plastic playpen") to a bassinet!
it makes him look so big and like a normal newborn!  
his isolette still hovers nearby because he is having a hard time keeping his temperature up, but we are thankful he is, as his attending says, "out of the box!"
(he looks quite bulky in some of these pictures as he was wearing a onsie, an outfit, swaddled in two blankets and covered up with two blankets...but he was warm!) :)

grabbing his oxygen 

crosby vs. the bear
bear wins...but not for much longer!


Ashley said...

He looks like Finn!! Can't wait for him to come home! You can take that bear, Crosby!

Whitney said...

he is getting so big! OMG i need to come visit like, yesterday!

the hammocks said...

am i beginning to see some pudgy cheeks?!?! he's such a miracle!!