Tuesday, April 26, 2011


so, finn has decided that he has a favorite color.

and that color is orange (he must take after whit and brandon!)
at first i thought it was the only color that he could recognize, but he truly is loving all things orange right now.

almost every morning, he insists on wearing this orange shirt.  and he always wants an orange diaper liner in his diaper.  and this morning, he really wanted lily to wear her orange dress.  so, it was orange around here today...

and in crosby news, things are going well.  

every day i am astounded by how much i don't know about NICU babies and all we have to learn.  
his nurse practitioner was explaining to me today that during the third trimester, babies receive the bulk of their phosphorous and calcium.  and since he did not get a third trimester, he is not receiving these vital components to his growth.  she explained that if he doesn't receive enough calcium and phosphorous, he won't grow length wise and his bones will be too brittle.  typically, they like to fortify the feeds, but he has not tolerated fortification thus far.  so, it is a puzzle figuring out how to supply him with his nutritional needs while not upsetting his GI system too much.  they have started a third type of fortifier tonight and we are praying he can tolerate it well!

we are constantly amazed by how complex and intricate his NICU stay has been.  and we are so thankful for his healthcare team!!!  


the hammocks said...

finn would love our "orange" lunches...carrots, mandarines, cheese stick and goldfish!!

your kids are adorable! all three!! smooches from the hammocks!!

Whitney said...

ahhh lily and finn are so big!