Monday, April 11, 2011

monday monday.

crosby is doing well today.  much better than at the end of last week.  

they decided to treat him as being suspicious for necrotizing enterocolitis even though his labs came back looking pretty good.  his belly was just too sick seeming.  so, for crosby, that meant a week of antibiotics and not being fed.  and although i hate to see him not getting to eat, it seems to have done much good.  his tummy seems the healthiest we have seen it in a long while and he seems very comfortable.

last night they decided to start him back on tiny tiny feeds (about 2 mls) every three hours to see how he tolerates it.  we are praying he can handle it well.  

the NICU staff has been so good to us and they have been taking such good care of our little man.  
but we will be so happy when they get to hand the reigns over to us!

and on a light note...
ryan has been going into work a bit before six every morning to spend some time with crosby before work.  
most often, he is wearing his scrubs when he is there.  

last friday, a nurse practitioner walked up to ry when he was standing at crosby's isolette and in a firm voice asked, "is this your baby?"
ryan of course said, "yes."
she just looked at him and walked away.

it seemed a bit rude and ryan was wondering why she hadn't told him how crosby was doing and what his plan of care was.

luckily, crosby's nurse witnessed the exchange and realized that the nurse practitioner was asking ryan if crosby was ryan's patient...not his actual baby.  she had thought ryan was the doctor taking care of crosby and walked away because she thought ryan was assessing crosby.  oops.  glad it got cleared up! 


PAT said...

Hi Courtney! Your blog today has left me with goosebumps, smiling, and filled with joy that Crosby is doing well today. And the story of Ryan at the hospital...........I was quite upset until I got to the end.... thanks for all of your sharing are an amazing woman, mother, and wife!!!!

Megan said...

he looks so content in this picture, seems appropriate with your update! love y'all!