Friday, April 1, 2011

as crosby has been battling it out in the NICU, finn has been battling a week of a bad cough and a fever.

overall, he has been a trooper and has rolled with everything we've asked of him.  but tonight, he hit a wall and was feeling just horrible as we approached an early bedtime.

i was snuggling him and he literally did not lift his head for over 10 minutes from my shoulder.  i prayed for him and was about to put him in his crib when he quickly lifted his head and anxiously yelled out, "kiss crosby!  kiss crosby!"

my heart almost broke in two.

since finn is too young to go into the NICU to meet his brother, we have a picture in his room of him and talk about him all the time.  we have gotten in the habit of having finn give crosby's picture a kiss every night before he goes to bed.

my sweet, sick boy was too tired to play.  or to eat dinner.  or even really to talk much at all this afternoon.  but he wasn't too tired to give his little brother a bedtime kiss.

be still my heart.  i long for the day when you can do it in person, sweet finn.


PAT said...

What a beautiful story!!What beautiful children - Lily, Finn, and Crosby! I hope Finn is feeling better today, Crosby is feeling great and getting stronger with each new day, and little Lily doesn't get the "bug" Finn has. Thinking of you all!

Katie and Adam said...

Saw your fam today and they were glowing with pride over their 3rd beautiful grandbaby. What an adorable story. Thanks for sharing it and for having such amazing perspective and faith. We love you guys.

Tisha said...

What a sweet big brother!! Thinking of you guys!